The Finest Nail Art in Chicago – Grand Nails


Nail art at Grand Nails Salon

My friends and I have been hearing of this well established and upcoming nails salon called Grand Nails: The business is located at 1231 N Clybourn Avenue, Chicago, IL 60610. According to the information we used to get from the internet, beauty magazine and the normal ladies gossip, there was no doubt that this was the best place to visit for that majestic manicure nail art we craved. The other services that were included at this nails salon were manicure and pedicure, eyebrow and Brazilian waxing: The experience was exceptional from the information we got since a couple of our friends had visited it and showed us the fine manicure nail polish and finish they had.

From the outside look of their location, we could surely believe it was our right place for the best nails salon Chicago city has to offer since it shares building with best coffee café; Starbucks coffee and the services they offer and operating hours are well displayed at the entrance. They usually open from 10.00am to 8.00pm from Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 7.00pm on Saturdays and 10.00am to 5.00pm on Sunday local time. They have also indicated on the entrance the quick contact telephone numbers a client can call in case they want a booked appointment. They have also indicated the services they offer such as eyelash, manicure, pedicure, shellac gels and waxing among others.

When we entered the nail salon we were greeted with a warm welcome, immediately all of my friends took note of the state of the art nail art salon. They had a huge selection of OPI, CND, Essie and other no chip products to preform their gifted nail art for their clients. They had an up to date modern spa chairs and other accompanying accessories to ensure that their clients spoil themselves in luxury while their nail technical takes care of them. From the way staff prepared us for the manicure and pedicure care: There was no doubt that we would come out looking elegant and really grand as the name of the salon depicts. Only when we were done and had left did we truly realized the meaning behind Grand Nails.

Overall the service was great and the nail salon was not only beautiful but also clean. The way they did nails really set nail art to a whole new level in Chicago. Every time way pay a visit to Grand Nails and leave, we feel awesome, beautiful, and blonde both inside and outside.

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